A "late-night" host who doesn’t want to talk about Trump

You’re more interested in making fun of the people who do have that deep insight and knowledge.

The one goal of the show—well, is for me to take money—but other than that it’s to make people laugh and make people happy. The Trump administration, no matter what your party is, takes up 90 percent of all entertainment now. And news. But I want you to know, there is actually way more dumb programming out there that must be made fun of. There are a lot of silly reality shows that people are missing.

But at the same time, the Trump administration has sort of become a reality show as well. Do you see yourself getting more political in your commentary because we have a reality show president?

Well, as I said, we are going to make fun of the world. It isn’t a political show, but if stuff comes up—we always have covered the coverage. We never were like, “Can you believe that dress?” We would always cover other people covering that dress. So we will probably make fun of most of the news outlets and all that stuff. But I will not be doing intense political discourse, because I am not smart enough to do that.

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