Stormy Daniels really cashing in on the "Trump effect"

Brian Rosenberg of Melville, NY, owner of strip club Gossip, tells Page Six that since the news broke in January that Daniels was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, demand for her appearances has shot through the roof. Rosenberg says that he had to fly to Las Vegas to personally talk her into appearing at his club, and that even then he could only get a Thursday night booking, with more popular Friday and Saturday nights completely out of the question. Daniels is set to perform at Gossip on Feb. 22.

It’s no surprise that club promoters are clamoring to get their hands (figuratively) on Daniels. As Page Six reported, her first post-scandal performance — at club Trophy in Greenville, SC — drew a record crowd, with owner Jay Levy telling us that it was the most successful event in the club’s 23-year history. Rosenberg told us that he also managed to secure two dates in May after Daniels’ deal with a rival local night spot fell through.

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