Hollywood celebrities hurt liberal causes as much as they help, political scientists say

Hollywood celebrities once again are gearing up to advocate and agitate for their causes as elections approach, but political scientists and observers say liberal stars do as much to hurt as help their efforts.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence recently participated in a livestream event dubbed “Unrig the System,” a so-called bipartisan effort designed to clean up politics. Her gig, however, didn’t bolster a particular candidate.

Meanwhile, a gaggle of late-night comedians has vowed to support Glam Up the Midterms, aimed at increasing millennial voter turnout in time for the November elections. Spearheaded by confrontation comic Billy Eichner, the Glam movement offers an apolitical mien — for the moment.

The politically charged Grammy Awards and Golden Globes telecasts this season also indicate that the entertainment industry won’t let the midterm elections happen without its input.