#MeToo is killing seduction

Feminist website Jezebel also churned out a piece titled, ‘It’s time to map the wilderness of bad sex’. Here again the verdict is that the problem is not rape or assault but something the author calls ‘the sex he takes’.

What these feminists are really so pissed off about is not assault, but (what they see as) bad sex. And this vein of analysis ignores the fact that women’s sexual responses are often different to men’s. Women, for instance, require more foreplay to get aroused enough to even want to have sex, let alone have an orgasm. This can be in the form of words, thoughts and fantasies.

If feminists think sex is bad now, wait until foreplay is out the window. What is seduction but the overcoming of resistance? What is persistence – now defined as harassment – but communication of desire, a desire so strong it’s just got to keep trying? Women are often aroused by men’s desire for them.

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