Principles, schminciples: Lynch mobs are cool if they derail Trump

Pardon me if I’m spoiling the lynch party, but I’m old school conservative. I think if you want to punish someone you need to prove your charges in a forum where the accused gets to tell his side of the story. Sorry if that gets in the way of your short-term partisan advantage, but I’m committed to blind justice no matter how uncool and inconvenient you think it is.

Except this has nothing to do with justice. This manufactured outrage over Porter is a perversion of the right of due process into one where “credible accusations” – they are always credible if they help the liberal or Fredocon agendas – are enough to trash third party political opponents who refuse to play along. This whole uproar is designed not to deal with Porter, who none of us heard of before the media needed to change the subject last week, but to try to stop Trump’s momentum. They want Kelly out because it will hurt Trump and his administration and maybe bring chaos back to the White House.

They want that, desperately.