Mr. President, please free Julian Assange

Assange is not “hiding” at the embassy, as the Daily Beast mal-reported. Without question, he remains there under UN-sanctioned asylum, mercifully given refuge against false charges and lawless threats of prosecution as a ‘hostile intelligence agent’.

Assange’s crippling peril and personal suffering, ameliorated only by the sympathies of those who recognize the manifest injustice being inflicted on this man, make it clear he is precisely what NO evidence has EVER contradicted: an impeccably-honest, incredibly-brave, humanitarian journalist, who provides an invaluable platform for whistleblowers exposing corruption and criminality infesting governments, nullifying democracy and obliterating human rights, around the world.

The Swedish charges against Assange have long since been abandoned. Lingering UK bail charges are soon to be heard on petition for dismissal. But if Assange should fall into the hands of UK authorities, it is almost certain U.S. intelligence spooks will swoop in to extradite him to the U.S. for treatment reserved only for terrorists and heinous violent criminals.