Why the Porter resignation is being treated as a big scandal

The Porter scandal has a lot to offer the left. If they bring enough pressure and the president is foolish enough, it might cost Chief of Staff John Kelly his job. Kelly has done a lot to bring order to this chaotic White House. The left would love to see him go. The scandal also helps Democrats sell their narrative that Trump is anti-woman. No doubt Trump’s demeanor and past behavior offend many women and that’s too bad. But women’s lives and the state of the union are both better off under his administration. The left needs to keep women outraged and gullible to hide that inconvenient truth.

But most of all, the little Porter scandal is something to cover while covering up the slowly leaking story of an Obama administration that used the levers of power — the IRS, the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI — as weapons against its political opponents, as well as the connected scandal of a press so biased that it turned a blind eye to what Obama was doing.