John Kelly needs to go

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly needs to resign on his own, or be asked to resign by President Trump.

This is true whether Kelly knew of the seriousness of domestic abuse accusations against just-resigned White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter for months – as news reports claim – or whether Kelly did not know. Kelly clearly mishandled the way he dealt with Porter and the way he issued contradictory White House statements.

Either way, Kelly is clearly in over his head. He needs to leave his post because he has become a distraction and his continued presence in the White House is hurting President Trump’s efforts to focus on policy initiatives that will benefit our nation and the American people.

Rewind the clock just a week ago. President Trump was given positive marks for his first State of the Union address. His approval ratings were ticking up above 40 percent for the first time in his presidency. Public approval of the recently signed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was ticking up as well, thanks in part to several companies granting wage raises and bonuses, the latest coming from CVS this week.