Republicans won’t say if spying on Carter Page was wrong

The Daily Beast asked Ryan and all 13 House Republicans—all of whom voted on Jan. 29 to release the memo—whether they believed the Justice Department and FBI ought not to have sought surveillance on Page and whether they believed the FISA Court (FISC) should have rejected their warrant application.

Only Russia inquiry leader Mike Conaway of Texas, Chris Stewart of Utah, and Peter King of New York were willing to say Page shouldn’t have been placed under surveillance. Another key figure on the panel, Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, said he was “agnostic,” concerned instead about the surveillance process, not the outcome. “Rep. Stewart believes that the FBI/DOJ should not have pursued one,” Stewart spokeswoman Daryn Frischknecht replied, referring to a FISA surveillance application.

King, through a representative, said that the FISA Court should have rejected the Page surveillance request. Asked if the Justice Department and FBI shouldn’t have pursued one, King replied: “Don’t know.”