Rand Paul’s kabuki theater performance raises ire of colleagues

The annoyance with Paul was exacerbated by what was viewed as grandstanding: our source pointed out that Paul was offered the budget point of order, which would have given him the time and opportunity to voice his objections without derailing the bill, but he refused. Our source also noted that Paul took time away from the Senate floor to do several cable news hits (we are aware of him appearing on at least Fox News Channel and CNN), instead of continuing to study the bill or discuss his objections with his fellow Senators.

The fact Paul was offered additional time to speak after the shutdown began at midnight but declined — no longer during prime time television hours — can only add to the frustration.

Worse, said our source, was their view that Paul hadn’t been as much engaged in the spending fight as he was engaged in publicity opportunities for himself.

“It’s a pointless exercise,” said our source. “Yes, he is discussing an important issue and making a lot of key points but he hasn’t done anything to actually work on reducing spending.”