Why Republicans view the Nunes memo as a win

Republicans privately expect Trump to block the release of the Democrats’ memo, or at least to heavily redact parts of it. That allows Republicans to say they wanted to release the document, but the White House stopped it. Score one for the House Republicans in the name of transparency, especially when they didn’t expect the vote to matter.

At the same time, the dispute over the fate of the Democrats’ memo opens the door for a potential break between House Republicans and the White House — not such a bad thing these days. With a paltry 15% of voters approving of the job Congress is doing, it is among the minority of institutions faring worse than Trump. Even Republicans are down on the Republican-led Congress; 63% of them disapprove of the job lawmakers are doing.

Even if Trump decides to release the Democrats’ memo, it will be almost a week after the GOP document set the agenda. Much of the damage has been done. To channel Mark Twain: a falsehood can go around the globe before the truth gets out the front door.