The populist right's elitist approach to surveillance abuses

But if the FBI is staffed by people who target those with political beliefs different than their own, mislead federal judges when applying to spy on Americans, and who are not stymied by the checks and balances already in place, it follows that all sorts of bygone federal surveillance efforts ought to be investigated; that all sorts of Americans have had their rights violated; that all sorts of people ought to be fired from the FBI; and that stronger checks and balances, or other significant reforms, are required in order to prevent future abuses.

Republicans are urging none of those steps. Nunes, who chairs the congressional committee that oversees American intelligence agencies, has not made any effort to better protect regular Americans—only the head of his political party. Either he doesn’t believe his own claims or he is shockingly negligent.

Hannity rarely, if ever, mentions a victim of misconduct by the FBI or the intelligence community unless they hold elected office and have an (R) next to their name.

While posing as populists, this faction of the GOP has dedicated itself mostly to protecting the billionaire who happens to be America’s most powerful person. Masses of Americans on the left and right are left to fend for themselves.