Pence seeks revenge against Manchin

Manchin told Pence last August he could not vote for the latest plan to repeal Obamacare but was committed to working on a bipartisan tax cut bill, according to Manchin and administration sources familiar with the private conversation, which took place at a tax reform event in the mountains of West Virginia.

But Manchin went further, according to administration officials and Republicans briefed on the conversation, and promised Pence that he would support the tax bill and give it the bipartisan sheen that President Donald Trump was eagerly seeking.

Manchin disputes that telling, but four months later, he voted no — and Pence has not forgotten about it.

On Manchin’s home soil last week, Pence laid into him by repeatedly asserting “Joe voted no” on the president’s priorities, a sharp political attack motivated by Pence’s belief that Manchin had broken his promise, according to GOP lawmakers who speak with Pence regularly.