Tom Brady’s dangerous alt-science blitz

The next shot illustrates pliability training, what appears to be a really intense Thai massage, as Guerrero (credited as Brady’s “body coach”) swiftly and stringently rubs Brady’s legs. He pounds Brady’s back so hard that the quarterback’s body bounces up and down, Brady’s face crunched in discomfort. He pokes and prods, pushes and pinches Brady all over his body. “Prior to the season starting, we really try to get his brain to understand that there’s going to be impact, then prepare his body for the impact, to almost feel as if it’s normal behavior for him.”

What Tom vs. Time fails to mention: Guerrero has been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for “making unsubstantiated health claims,” like promoting a supplement purported to protect athletes from concussions. (The FTC decided not to pursue a full-fledged investigation in exchange for Guerrero refunding customers money and closing shop.)