Why is Trump chickening out of what will be the "Trumpiest" Super Bowl imaginable?

Sadly, it’s not a real surprise that Trump would chicken out of participating in the Super Bowl. After all, his call to boycott the league will be shown tomorrow to have been almost entirely ineffective, and like most bullies, Trump does not like to come face-to-face with those he has attacked.

Even more threateningly, he can’t do an interview with NBC because he knows he would cause himself massive problems. There are just simply too many questions for which he can’t possibly provide a proper answer — for instance, how he can be so upset about the “Nunes Memo” when the target of the FISA warrant in question, Carter Page, was a FORMER campaign aide whom he and his team have claimed they didn’t even know?

As proof, just check out the disaster that occurred the last time Trump did a major sit-down interview with NBC (almost a year ago!).