Peter Thiel to turn Gawker into a conservative investigative site?

Ruairí Arrieta-Kenna, a Stanford senior, who spoke with Thiel as part of a group of student organizers of the event, told BuzzFeed News that Thiel said that the previous incarnation of Gawker “did not even earn the right to be called a news outlet” and that it published “glorified pornography and not reporting.” With now up for sale due to bankruptcy proceedings, Arrieta-Kenna also asked Thiel, who bid for the company’s assets, what he would do with the site if he was the winning bidder.

“[Thiel] said he might make it into a conservative investigative reporting site,” said Arrieta-Kenna. “He said it might look into stories that the liberal media wasn’t looking into and he would hire more conservative reporters.”