The valuable lesson pro-lifers should take from Trump's State of the Union

Reading Champ’s story, however, reveals that Trump’s omissions did not reflect unkindness or apathy on the part of Holets. When the two originally met, Champ told him she was looking for someone to adopt her baby once it was born. “I just want her to be safe and secure, to be in a family and be loved,” Champ told CNN in an interview.

Holets made Champ’s wish (for a caring home for her baby) come true — and, after their story went viral, helped to empower and facilitate treatment for her and her partner, Tom. Holets describes them as a brother and sister in this interview with CNN, and has said he wants Crystal to be involved in her child’s life in the future.

“I’ve gotten tired of seeing situations where I want to help, but can’t,” he told CNN. “And I realized I had a chance to help.” Holets has started a GoFundMe page for the couple, hoping to help them with housing and medical treatment once their rehab is finished.