Congress is living in a "Groundhog Day" sequel

In Groundhog Day, Murray’s character, having reached a point of sheer desperation, steals Punxsutawney Phil, hijacks a truck, and drives off a cliff. (Spoiler: The dramatic suicide mission fails, and Murray finds himself awake again hours later, still trapped in the time loop).

Congress’s equivalent of the truck cliff-dive? Last month’s government shutdown. And it’s entirely possible that another one could happen next week.

Members of Congress will have just four days to work out a deal when they return to Capitol Hill next week after taking this week off. It’s doubtful a DACA fix can be arranged before February 8. Reminder: the program expires March 5. The clock is ticking, with just a month remaining to prevent hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants who were protected by the program from being deported.