The Memogate farce tells us far more about Trump and his cult than it does the FBI

The fact that Trump has given us every reason to take these stories very seriously is probably the most damning indictment of his entire presidency.

To those with a working brain and limited biases, there may be no better indication that Trump really does have something horrible to hide in the Russia investigation than the grotesque lengths to which he and his GOP sycophants are willing to go in their effort to destroy the good people involved in it. That may not mean Russian “collusion,” but in a rational world there just has to be something awful to risk doing all of this (how the administration’s announcement this week that they will NOT be fully enforcing the sanctions against Russia has not been a FAR bigger news story, is a complete mystery to me).

As for the idea that maybe Nunes is really onto something big, this concept would require at least even a tenuously plausible theory to explain the vast conspiracy. Given what we already know, there are numerous data points which make that inherently impossible.