Senators don't share House Republicans' rnthusiasm for #ReleaseTheMemo

Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are making an effort to separate themselves — and their bipartisan Russia investigation — from the tumult in the House over a Republican-drafted memo alleging government abuse of spying laws that has become the latest flashpoint in partisan clashes over the Russia probe.

This weekend, as Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee prepared to use their majority to try to declassify a four-page memo purporting to show FBI abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Republicans on the Senate committee used television appearances to echo warnings from the Department of Justice about the risks of releasing the memo. They also pointed to the bipartisan success of their own committee in investigating Russian interference during the 2016 election.

“One of the problems with the House investigation is it’s been very partisan,” Republican Sen. Susan Collins told CNN. “In contrast, the Senate Intelligence Committee, under the leadership of Sens. [Richard] Burr and [Mark] Warner, have worked together, and I think that’s a far better approach.”