Andrea Tantaros says Roger Ailes had secret surveillance of Fox News women changing

Former Fox News star Andrea Tantaros is alleging that the network’s former chair and CEO, Roger Ailes, secretly watched female hosts changing clothes on company surveillance equipment and that the conservative channel spied on employees’ electronic devices.

Tantaros made the claims in a proposed amended complaint she filed in US District Court on Monday as part of a nine-month lawsuit against her former employer.

Tantaros, who is now representing herself in the legal matter, said Ailes had a CCTV system that allowed him to see inside Fox News offices: “Fox offices are where most Fox female talent, including Ms. Tantaros, disrobed daily from their regular clothing into their on-air attire, sometimes multiple times a day… Upon information and belief Ailes was surreptitiously recording, both through audio and with hidden cameras, Tantaros (and others).”

Update: Fox News replies in a statement:

“FOX News moved for sanctions against the lawyer who filed Andrea Tantaros’ original lawsuit and he has since withdrawn. None of the four lawyers currently representing Tantaros in the action signed her new complaint, which she purports to have written herself. Her outlandish claims lack any factual basis.”