Trump’s first year: The ominous signs ahead

Three: The Sexual Harassment Time Bomb. The Russia investigation and potential probes into Trump’s finances are not the only sources of potentially draining and embarrassing investigations that could get a lot uglier if Democrats win back one or both chambers of Congress. For a variety of reasons, public attention has drifted away from the numerous women who have accused Trump of various types of sexual harassment. Though you’d think some of them would be household names by now, even Trump’s media antagonists have spent little time digging into their stories, and hardened #Resistance types simply treat the braggadocio of his Access Hollywood tape as a blanket confession rather than an invitation to look deeper at the facts.

But sooner or later, especially if Democrats win the House and can hold hearings designed to embarrass Trump, his accusers will resurface, and in a political environment that is much less forgiving of sexual misconduct than it was in October 2016. The credibility of each accuser is best assessed on the basis of the actual facts, and no one knows how such assessments will shake out. But Republicans who think this issue won’t resurface in 2020 or sooner are fooling themselves.