Everything is racist -- DACA deal edition

While saying this, Douthat ultimately pleads for a compromise that all sides can agree on, even it means immigration stays at the same rate. All he is saying is that the viewpoints of immigration restrictions should be heard in policy debates.

For this milquetoast opinion, the NYT conservative was branded a vile white supremacist.

“NYT is now a white supremacist paper. The multiple Nazi puff pieces, constant pro-Trump PR, and praise for Miller on today of all days is not exceptional — it’s the guiding ideology of the paper. I don’t think every writer there shares it, but it dominates coverage #Unsubscribe,” tweeted popular liberal writer Sarah Kendzior.

That insane tweet earned thousands of retweets and likes and embodied the feeling of many liberals who couldn’t believe someone would dare express sympathy for the views of Stephen Miller in America’s paper of record. Heresy must not be tolerated.