A response to Nicole Eggert's accusations against me

Please review this letter carefully. The evidence it contains proves beyond doubt that she initiated our one and only sexual contact and that it was well after she turned 18.

When Nicole started tweeting about this again late last year, shortly after the major stories broke about sexual harassment in entertainment, my attorneys sent her and Alex Polinsky a letter advising and requesting that they take their allegations to law enforcement for a full investigation. They have refused to do so.

Only after Nicole Eggert was proven to be dishonest in her “sex at 17” allegations did she create a new story about sexual contact at an even younger age. For the record, they are false too. But more tellingly, given her years long history of making claims of underage sex, why has she never mentioned this until her primary claim was proven wrong? Why is she unwilling to go to law enforcement with her claims? Is it not clear that this new story is just another false claim to distract you from her earlier lies?