Mike Huckabee: "We have a Churchill" in Donald Trump

Mike Huckabee took to Twitter this afternoon to recommend the new Winston Churchill movie The Darkest Hour:

Ducks took day off today but if you can get to a theater go see The Darkest Hour about Churchill. Reminds as to what real leadership looks like.

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) December 26, 2017

Huckabee proceeded to make a connection between Churchill and President Trump, saying “we have a Churchill” in Trump:

Churchill was hated by his own party, opposition party, and press. Feared by King as reckless, and despised for his bluntness. But unlike Neville Chamberlain, he didn’t retreat. We had a Chamberlain for 8 yrs; in @realDonaldTrump we have a Churchill.

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) December 26, 2017