Bannon puts Jared through the grinder

Getting mauled by Steve Bannon might not be the worst thing to happen to the president’s son-in-law this week. He and Ivanka were sued by a private attorney for failing to disclose assets from 30 investment funds on their federal financial disclosure forms. Perhaps more ominous for Kushner, and according to the New York Times, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have subpoenaed Deutsche Bank records about Kushner’s family’s real estate business. “There is no indication that the subpoena is related to the investigation being conducted by Robert S. Mueller III,” the Times allowed. Yeah, but wouldn’t you want to be there when Mueller’s team invites Bannon in to talk to him about the Vanity Fair article, and they ask him, “What did you mean about Jared taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff? Like, what stuff?”

Although “people close to Kushner, who decline to be named” told the Times they don’t think the Mueller investigation exposes him to legal jeopardy, the young prince isn’t taking chances. The Washington Post reports that his lawyer, Abbe Lowell, has been shopping for a “crisis public relations firm” over the past two weeks. (Senator Robert Menendez, the recent beneficiary of a deadlocked corruption trial, is another Lowell client.)