The real fake news of 2017

The way the term Fake News was invoked by newscasters, panels, and journalism profs was actually kind of scary. Fake News was a threat to the republic; it enjoyed a corrupting power that effortlessly ousted the voices of the real media, and blunted the rational minds of the electorate. That Fake News was powerful stuff.

Actually, it was just a lot of silly rationalization for poor coverage, an excuse for incompetence on the part of much of the professional press. Fake News, no surprise, is itself fake news. That’s the primary thing to know about it. It is a product of the eagerly conspiratorial minds of the anti-Trumpers and Never Trumpers. It is quite interesting to note how the rational liberal observers of 2017 are so invested in conspiracies. They think the idiot Trump—for that is how they see him—set in motion complicated collusions with Putin and the Russians, and simultaneously undermined the national media with Fake News, and lulled an entire nation into the belief that he could not be elected.

Not bad for a 69 year old loon and lout.