Ending the Trumpian inquisition

One of the greatest gifts the political class could give itself and the country this holiday season is an end to the Trumpian inquisition: the effort to use support or opposition for Donald Trump as proof of an individual’s moral worth. Some devout Trumpists insist that all who oppose President Trump are enemies of the republic. This is basically a mirror image of the claims by some anti-Trumpists that all of Trump’s supporters (or “enablers”) are absolute moral cretins and maybe traitors to the country. According to one group, all criticism of the president’s decisions is disqualifying; according to the other, it’s praise that disqualifies the speaker.

Both these purist approaches underestimate the complexities of politics, which stem from our fallen nature as human beings. Politics involves complex moral and empirical calculations, and people of good faith might come to different conclusions about which political party and candidate to support.