The #MeToo movement targets Meryl Streep and shoots itself in the foot

There’s of course a cruel irony in a pro-Trump artist lashing out at Streep over Weinstein’s alleged abuses: the artist wants to condemn Streep for supposedly ignoring sexual abuses in Hollywood while seemingly having no problem with Trump, who has been accused of sexual-assault by as many as 16 women. Or maybe he’s just counting on liberals to fall for the smokescreen and attack one another instead of going after men like Weinstein and the Hollywood structures that allow powerful men like him to continue to prey on their victims.

So much of the post-Weinstein feeding frenzy feels like liberal social media’s response to feeling impotent when it comes to tackling Trump. After all, the right has no problem with Trump’s litany of sexual-assault allegations. Even recently, they rallied behind Roy Moore, a man who was accused of preying on underage girls. There’s a sense that if others won’t clean up their house, then Hollywood must be extra vigilant. But sometimes that vigilance comes at a price. McGowan and Streep going back and forth at one another isn’t going to stop the next Weinstein. Making sure that women feel comfortable speaking out against predators, casting the women whose careers were destroyed by men like Weinstein, and fighting against not only toxic behavior in Hollywood but also passively awful behavior from men like Matt Damon, who wish that we could highlight the men who aren’t doing awful things, will.