If only the GOP had nominated a conservative dogcatcher in Alabama

For Bannon, Roy Moore was to be his shining Exhibit A, his victorious candidate who was going to be the first of many other Bannon-molded candidates who would deliver one deathblow after another to the GOP establishment. After Moore’s big win in Alabama, Bannon was going to lead the charge against every other Republican candidate he didn’t think was pure enough. Now that it didn’t work out the way he planned, let’s see where Steve Bannon goes from here. Far, far away would be a good start.

As for Donald Trump, a man who worships at the altar of “winning,” this is the third time in the last few months that he’s backed a Republican candidate for statewide office… who lost. First it was in the Virginia governor’s race. Then it was in the Alabama primary. Then the president went all in for Roy Moore. Though in fairness, had the sainted Bear Bryant come back from the great beyond, even he might have had a hard time getting Roy Moore across the goal line with all the baggage Moore was lugging around.