To both parties, Moore's loss is a potential win for 2018

But Republicans who opposed Moore have characterized the loss as a longer-term gain for the party. In a sign of the cockeyed dynamics of the race, some are breathing sighs of relief as they no longer face the liabilities that were sure to come if the alleged sexual predator became their colleague. Some GOPers are also pointing fingers at former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who championed Moore through the election.

“Tonight’s results are clear – the people of Alabama deemed Roy Moore unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Cory Gardner, who withdrew support from the candidate amid the scandal.

The Jones win comes as the country faces a reckoning on the issue of sexual misconduct, with the political world catching up to a significant cultural shift. Allegations against Moore hovered over the campaign in the final weeks and caused a rift within his party, with many lawmakers distancing themselves from the GOP nominee while Trump and the Republican National Committee embraced him.

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