Can we be honest about men?

When will it end?

Yesterday, Al Franken resigned. Trent Franks resigned. This week, John Conyers resigned. Nevada Democrat Ruben Kihuen and Texas Republican Blake Farenthold cling to their jobs. Roy Moore soldiers on, campaigning through multiple, credible claims of sexual misconduct, and Donald Trump sits in the White House, persevering as Bill Clinton did β€” in the face of his own multiple accusers. Meanwhile rumors roiled Twitter that more congressmen would be outed soon β€” perhaps 20 or more.

The list of journalists and Hollywood titans facing their own sex scandals has grown so long that it’s literally impossible to remember them all. Fox, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, CBS, NBC, and the New York Times have fired or suspended employees ranging from the highest-profile talent to behind-the-scenes managers and producers. Hollywood misconduct has been especially gross, with credible claims of vicious rapes and even outright pedophilia.

Again, when will it end?

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