The mainstream media doesn’t deserve our respect or our trust

If (when) Roy Moore gets elected he ought to send the liberal media a dozen roses to thank it for his victory; their coverage is an in-kind campaign contribution. No one but Moore and his accuser knows whether Moore cavorted with an underage girl or not, but the voters of Alabama have a perfectly legitimate basis to disbelieve the media’s claims – the sordid track record of the media itself. Would the liberal media lie to hurt a conservative? Are you kidding? It does that every day, and the difference is that now we’re woke.

You mainstream media hacks want trust and respect? Maybe you shouldn’t Tweet out instructions to contact Senators to defeat the tax bill like the New York Times just did. Maybe you should stop covering for the off-camera leering and grabbing and pinching of the talking heads who excoriate Trump for misogyny. Maybe you should stop hiring journalists who are ex-Obama flunkies. Maybe you shouldn’t email offers of assistance to Democrat campaigns. Maybe you should stop lying to us. Then maybe voters might trust you. Maybe people might respect you. And maybe you wouldn’t deserve the contempt we normals hold you in.