The computer scientist dreaming of a better sex robot

Objectified, heterosexual, male-centered robots are just one piece of the problem. Devlin’s not interested in a future brimming with artificially intelligent, synthetic T&A. “I am a strong advocate for moving away from realistic human forms for sex robots,” she said. “I think there’s going to be two lines of development: One is sex technology and sex toys, and the other is sex dolls.”

In their current, curvaceous form, sex robots evolved from traditional humanoid sex dolls. The result is an abundance of hypersexual humanoids, or ones that are just plain painful to imagine putting your genitals anywhere near. We need to bring it back toward the tech, Devlin said, where there’s more abstraction, personalization, and accessibility for all. In the same way vibrators come in a hundred cartoonish colors and shapes, so could sexual AI “robots.”