The incredibly and historically unstable first year of Trump’s cabinet

According to this methodology, Trump’s loss of three Cabinet members so far gives him the most turnover in the first year of a recent presidency. For Trump, the changes started with the departure of his first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, in July (No. 1). Priebus was in turn replaced by John Kelly, who had to leave his position as the secretary of homeland security (No. 2) to take the job. Finally, Tom Price resigned in September from his post as health and human services secretary (No. 3). Neither Kelly nor Price has officially been replaced yet, though, if confirmed, Azar will replace Price.2

One quick note on this methodology: Obama is the only other president in my analysis who started his first year in office with all 24 of the positions in Trump’s Cabinet (although, confusingly, Obama did not include all 24 of those positions in his Cabinet). For example, the Department of Homeland Security — one of the 15 current Cabinet departments — did not exist until 2003. This means that for many of the pre-Trump years, my analysis considered turnover in a slightly smaller number of positions than 24.3