Roy Moore for Senate!

1) Apparently Moore has done nothing wrong in the last 40 years. If he had, we would have heard about it. And if he has been pure for 40 years, or close to that time, he will be the most upright man in Washington, D.C. It wasn’t much more than 40 years ago when Ted Kennedy drowned Mary Jo Kopechne, and it was just under 40 years ago when Bill Clinton allegedly raped Juanita Broaddrick. If those offenses can be forgiven, Roy Moore’s (weakly) alleged offenses should be forgiven, too–especially since, unlike Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, he seems to have done nothing reprehensible in the decades that have gone by since.

2) His opponent is a Democrat. ‘Nuff said–President Trump was right about this. The Democrats are doing everything they can to block the Republican agenda in the Senate, and giving them another seat would only empower the flakes like John McCain and Susan Collins who seek to mold every vote toward their own eccentric visions. Let’s not weaken the GOP in the Senate any further. The Republic hangs in the balance.