Sorry, Charlie, perverts are not society’s fault

The world view of these “progressive” men has been so distorted by the echo chamber they live in and the media willing to ignore their actions that they became what they are, society had nothing to do with it.

No normal person thinks, “I really like this woman. Maybe I should strip naked and walk around her. That will totally work.” Or, “I’ll just really lay a kiss on her when she’s not expecting or wanting it, that’ll turn her on.” No, that’s not society fault, that’s on you.

The “everybody does it” defense is a wildly popular one among elementary school children because it makes some degree of sense to the mind of a child. Adults are supposed to know better, to know that an individual’s actions are the responsibility of that individual. Somehow, these papered primadonnas escaped this lesson, likely because their fame and money insulated them from it and isolated them in a world of like-minded people.