A woman’s defense of the alpha male

We need to scrutinize our own culture and fearlessly identify what is really going on here. It’s ok to be an Alpha, as long as you’re a woman. It’s acceptable to embrace masculine gender signifiers – if you’re a biological female wanting to be perceived as masculine or male. In the popular imagination, it’s even ok to be an Alpha Male, as long as you’re not white or conservative (look no further than GQ magazine naming Colin Kaepernick 2017’s Man of the Year). Are you a dominant Alpha white male? That’s OK, too, as long as you apologize for your power and “privilege” by holding liberal political views (consider nearly every white Hollywood actor). But ask Tim Tebow how being an outspoken Christian as well as a conservative, dominant, successful white Alpha Male has played out for him in the public eye. Not so well-received. The notion of the self-made man who doesn’t believe in favors or handouts has fallen out of fashion. The left’s utter disdain and gut-wrenched disgust for President Trump and his personal, political, and financial success is further evidence of this problem. His masculine dominance is under constant scrutiny as much if not more than his politics. From the tone of his tweets to his domineering handshake, people can’t stomach the fact that he’s a strong, dominant, Alpha Male. The unapologetic antithesis of an Obama bowing to the Saudis. Think I’m overreacting, and that his isn’t really a problem? Consider this leaked memo from a DNC recruiter, stating that the job vacancy not be offered to «cisgender straight white males.» Yes, this actually happened. Its a serious problem that is effecting men’s lives and livelihoods.