Senate panel interested in Russians' request for Trump meeting during campaign

CBS News has learned that a Russian national requested a meeting with Donald Trump during the presidential campaign in May 2016, and the request is at the center of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s demand for more information from Jared Kushner.

On Thursday, the committee asked for additional information from Kushner about a “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite.” Kushner is Mr. Trump’s son-in-law and a top White House adviser who played a key role in the campaign.

A source familiar with the document request says the “dinner invite” referred to an email requesting a meeting with a man named Alexander Torshin and a woman reported to be Torshin’s assistant, Maria Butina. The source says both claimed in the email to be members of an all-Russian organization called “The Right To Bear Arms.”

According to the source, Torshin and Butina were hoping to meet then-candidate Trump and were eager for Mr. Trump to travel to Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The request was made through an intermediary who was attached to a National Rifle Association (NRA) event in Kentucky.