I loathe Al Franken, but it sure seems like he is getting totally railroaded

I loathe Al Franken.

As I read his book Rush Limbaugh Is a Big, Fat, Idiot (well before I realized myself that Rush wasn’t who I thought he was) I felt a very real and deep anger towards him. I also disagree with him on almost every political issue.

Based on what we currently know, however, it sure seems like he is getting railroaded today based on the story by Los Angeles radio anchor Leeann Tweeden (who works on the show of Doug McIntyre, who I consider a friend). In fact, this is almost exactly the type of story I warned about earlier this week while discussing the new, much lower standards, which the news media suddenly has adopted for reporting allegations of sexual abuse.

Let me first say that I don’t think Tweeden is lying. Franken himself has confirmed part of the story. There are many very serious problems with this accusation instantly being universally picked up by nearly every major news outlet, however, without a hint of vetting or thought, so that, as of this writing it is by far the biggest news story of the day (I have been particularly appalled at many of my fellow conservatives for not being able to resist immediately jumping all over Franken, obviously out of political retribution).