Roy Moore tests the limits of Bannon's "season of war"

Bannon speaks often of “Billy Bush weekend” and sees it as the ultimate litmus test of who was with or against them during the campaign. The story appeared to vindicate Bannon’s strategy of never compromising under pressure. But the Moore story is different from the Access Hollywood tape in key ways. As vulgar as Trump was on the tape, Trump and his allies insisted it was regrettable but ultimately harmless “locker-room talk,” despite the number of women who came out afterwards saying Trump had harassed them. Moore’s denials have done nothing to tamp down the furor, in part because he has appeared to acknowledge the stories have some truth to them even as he denies the most explosive charges…

Another friend of Bannon’s said they still believe Moore will win.

“It’s too much too quick, the establishment is overkilling on this,” the friend said. “I don’t think it stops him from being elected. It’s only grist to our mill if they stop him” from being seated in the Senate.