Tapper: "The media treated" Bill Clinton’s accusers "poorly"; not given "same respect" Moore’s have

CNN’s The Lead host Jake Tapper made a keen observation on Monday afternoon about the media’s double standard when it comes to sexual assault accusers, pointing out that “the media treated” Bill Clinton’s female accusers “poorly” and were never afforded “the same respect” Roy Moore’s accusers have rightfully received these past four days.

Tapper was discussing the credible and damning allegations against Moore with CNN political commentators Amanda Carpenter and Van Jones when he noticed some parallels between the GOP Senate nominee and Clinton.

“You know something? And maybe it’s the southern accent that reminds me of this, but I think we are and we’ve seen — we’ve seen some of this in the press. There was a story in The Atlantic called ‘Bill Clinton: A Reckoning.’ Chris Hayes said something the other day and other people have,” Tapper began.