Put Roy Moore out of his misery

As for the longer term, conservatives need not despair. Karma is on their side. In the old days the sex scandals were primarily with powerful Democrats like Wilbur Mills and Wayne Hayes. But in my one-party state of California, the new policy of “ask and tell” will damage the predators, Democrats who abundantly control Sacramento. And on a national level, the focus will be less on Capitol Hill, where Republicans have a majority of prima donnas, and more on The Culture, which ultimately is more important — television and movies, newspapers and magazines, the universities and foundations — the bastions of secular-progressivism. Roy Moore will be footnote.

Yes, a few conservatives, even prominent, are sexual predators. But most conservatives, no matter how promiscuous or unfaithful, are wired with a libertarian gene. They are philosophically inclined against coercion.

Not so with the Left. From the pretentious NPR to the pernicious Hollywood, the male benefactors of the “women’s movement” will continue to be revealed, in an orgy of self-destructive flagellation. They will fall in disgrace. And that is a good thing.