Is no one concerned about media’s new standards on reporting abuse allegations?

The ripple effect of Harvey Weinstein finally being exposed as, at best, a sexual pervert/harasser, and, at worst, a rapist, has been the most astonishing development in the news media in recent history (non-Donald Trump division). Literally dozens of high-profile, almost exclusively unattractive white-male members of the Hollywood/Media elite, have been accused of various forms of heinous sexual abuse, with several very significant careers going up in flames like something in the path of a later summer California brush fire fueled by the Santa Ana winds.

Knowing how incompetent and corrupt I believe most of the news media is, I get extremely nervous when a story like this gets legs so strong that facts and logic are often left in the dust. At a certain point, when critical mass is reached, it is very easy for very dangerous new “rules” to be set and for innocent people to get badly damaged.

It sure feels like we are reaching that stage of this seemingly never-ending “sex abuse” news cycle. On Friday night, the top eight stories on the USA Today website dealt with different allegations of sex abuse, and on Saturday the New York Daily News put eleven of the accused on its front page with the headline “Perv Nation” (it should be noted that about the only thing they had in common, other than being almost all white males, is that not one of them has yet to be charged with a crime).

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