How Republicans are trying to stop Roy Moore

Republicans are considering asking incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, who lost to Moore in the primary, to run as a write-in candidate on Dec. 12. They’ve also reportedly asked Republican Rep. Robert Aderholt, who has officially endorsed Moore, to run as a write-in candidate as well.

They’ve also weighed asking Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey to delay the Dec. 12 election to early next year. But she has already pushed it back once, after she assumed the role of governor in April when her predecessor was removed, and this option would likely inspire Moore and his team to file a lawsuit in court.

The Trump effect: Perhaps a last resort for Republican senators would be to ask Trump to encourage Moore to drop out of the race and then ask POTUS to support a write-in candidate of their choice. Considering Trump supported Luther Strange throughout the election, this could be a viable option, but Trump so far hasn’t even responded to the allegations against Moore.