Use your majority while you still can, Republicans

So, as the Clash once asked, “When they kick at your front door / How you gonna come? / With your hands on your head / Or on the trigger of your gun?” Will the House GOP majority go down with a bang or a whimper?

The chance remains to set in place significant policy changes that Republicans believe would be good for the economy. I’m not sure whence came the impulse to create upheaval and chaos by eliminating the state and local income and property tax deductions, capping the mortgage interest deduction at $500,000, flirting with capping 401(k) contributions at a lower level, and taxing university endowment income. The desire to punish blue things? But you can’t find a serious economist from either party who thinks the corporate tax rate is about right and that the United States benefits from trillions of dollars in corporate profits sitting overseas because the tax code makes it senseless to repatriate them.

How about fixing that on your way out of town?

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