Study: GOP bill would hike taxes on 31 percent of middle class by 2027

Nine percent of middle-class tax filers (those earning between $48,600 and $86,100) would pay more in taxes next year, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center released Wednesday. By 2027, 31 percent of middle-class filers would see tax hikes, the center said.

TPC had to retract its first analysis of the bill Monday after discovering an error in its modeling. The organization undercounted the benefits to moderate income Americans. The revised analysis found that most Americans (76 percent) would get a tax cut next year, with middle class families receiving, on average, a cut of $800 (the prior analysis had said $700).

The corrected report released Wednesday still shows that millionaires and billionaires are the biggest winners, as well as that some in the middle and working classes would be hurt by the bill. By 2027, the top 1 percent would receive nearly half of the benefits.