The media ignores it but we just learned two more major "racism" episodes were fake

The news media, filled with politically correct liberals who love a good racism narrative, like Charlie Brown getting tricked by Lucy pulling away his football, fall for this every single time. Of course, part of why it keeps happening is that there is very little, if any, price to pay when it turns out these stories are false. The retraction is a minor deal, quickly discarded with no follow up, and with the general consensus/rationalization being their intentions were good and there was “no harm, no foul.”

However, these stories actually do extreme harm to race relations both as they are being fraudulently birthed, and again when they are ultimately quietly put in their graves. As is so often the case, the only winners are news media who get an easy ratings-friendly story, and the liberal white male academics who get to keep their jobs by falsely blaming the wrong people.