Indulging your darkest desires with a sex doll won't protect anyone

These two perspectives, that a) sex with sex dolls prevents harm to women and children, and b) sex with sex dolls could lead to harm to women and children, leave out one very important actor. That’s right, the purchaser, the John. Fantasy fetish play about raping women or children does cause harm: to the guy allowing his desires to dip into the realm of the seriously sadistic.

What might a guy request when he knows he can have whatever his black little heart desires? As Prieto can surely attest, anything, with Hades barely deep enough to encompass these myriad levels of hell and torment.

Those who house these secret desires may feel that they are unique in imagining themselves participating in some of the worst actions known to mankind, but they are not. Every person with a decent imagination has crazy, warped, vile thoughts. Every thought there is to think can pass through a human mind, but it is the thoughts we entertain, that we allow to entertain us, that will shape who we are, what we want, and what we envision and attempt to craft into reality.

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