Defining "Never Trump" after Virginia

Now that the campaign is over, those who identify as Never Trump are — surprise! — still thinking and acting individually. McMullin was one of a very small minority of Never Trumpers who did not support Gillespie, but his tweet was used to attack all of us. Those of us who are opposed to Trump had different opinions about the Virginia Governor’s race, and will continue to support different candidates in many races moving forward.

Beyond the Virginia election, there are many issues with a divergence of opinions among Never Trumpers. Some of us feel it is best to attempt to continue fighting for reform within the GOP, some want to start a new third party, and some support Joel Searby’s Centrist Project approach.

The bottom line is that Never Trump has no organizational structure, no one issuing marching orders or talking points, no set of rules or membership requirements. We just aren’t going to vote for Trump, and feel no compulsion to defend his behavior from legitimate criticisms.

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